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Should I Turn My Boiler Off in the Summer?

If you have a boiler that operates your heater, you may be wondering whether or not to turn it off during the summer. There are pros and cons to turning it off or leaving it on, but there is a middle ground you can achieve that is most beneficial for your boiler.

There are many advantages of a boiler, and to maintain those advantages you have to take excellent care of the system over its entire lifespan. This includes taking care of your boiler during the summer when it is not being used. You can keep reading to learn more about what to do with your boiler during the off-season so that you know it will stay in excellent condition when you need it again this winter.

About Your Boiler

A boiler is unique from other heating systems because it uses water to provide heat to your home instead of using airflow. Boilers are an excellent way to heat your home quickly and efficiently. But your boiler sits unused for a large portion of the year when it is hot outside. If you leave it on, it continues to use energy all summer long, ultimately increasing your energy costs. 

The system is also taking on wear and tear because of this operation even though it is not actually in use. Some boilers have a standby mode that you can select. If your boiler has a standby mode, this is an excellent option for the summertime. It ensures that your boiler is always ready to operate again, but isn’t actually in use. If your boiler does not have a standby mode, you can turn it off completely for the majority of the summer. 

Run Your Boiler Occasionally

The trick to ensuring that your boiler doesn’t have any issues in the fall is to turn it on occasionally, even when you aren’t using it. Set a reminder on your calendar and plan to turn your boiler on for 10-15 minutes at least once a month just to make sure that all of the components stay in good working order, even when your boiler is not in use. 

Once you run your boiler for that 10-15 minute period, you can turn it back off again until next time. If you do notice anything unusual, don’t put off getting the problem addressed or it could worsen. 

Boiler Maintenance

It’s also a good idea to keep up with boiler maintenance. Ideally, you want to schedule this maintenance at the end of the heating season. But if you haven’t invested in boiler maintenance yet this year, there is still time to do so.

When you prioritize taking good care of your boiler, you know that it will be in the best condition possible in the fall. During boiler maintenance, we check all of the components to see if there are any concerns. If there are then we can recommend repairing or replacing components to ensure the maximum efficiency. 

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