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What Temperature Should My AC Be in Summer?

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When it’s hot outside, you want to stay cool inside your home. But did you know that there is actually an optimal temperature that the US Department of Energy recommends you set your air conditioner to? It’s probably higher than what you are used to, but it is easily an adjustment you could make gradually over time and it offers a variety of benefits.

If you have been wondering when to turn on AC and what to set the temperature to in the summer, wonder no more. Our team is highlighting some general tips below for how to optimize your AC usage for the summer. Keep reading to learn more about what temperature to set your air conditioner at in the summer to balance comfort and efficiency.

AC Temperature Settings 

Many homeowners like to set their AC temperature closer to 70° during the summer. However, the US Department of Energy recommends that you set your air conditioner at 78°. Doing so offers a variety of benefits for your air conditioner and your home. However, if you are not used to having the temperature this high, you may be thinking that it is impossible. 

Benefits of a Higher AC Temperature

The biggest benefit of setting your AC to 78° this summer is the energy savings. When your air conditioner doesn’t have to cool your home as much, it uses less energy. This means that you spend less on your monthly energy bills. Over the course of the summer months, the savings can add up quickly.

But you can also save in other ways. When your AC uses less energy, it also takes on less wear and tear because it isn’t working as hard. If you consistently lessen the strain on your air conditioner every single year, you can extend its life long past what’s considered average. 

Tips for Adjusting the Temperature

If you’re used to having a lower indoor temperature, there are still ways that you can get up to 78° gradually over time. Keep in mind that even if you do not reach 78° exactly, any amount that you can set your air conditioner higher will make a difference in your energy bills. 

For example, you could set your air conditioner to a higher temperature during the day while your family is out of the house. Then you could lower the temperature again when you arrive home again in the evening. You could also increase the temperature a few degrees at night when you will be sleeping.

If you want to increase the temperature while you are at home, do so a single degree at a time. Increase the temperature by 1° each week to give your body time to adjust slowly. This makes it more likely that you will be able to maintain the change instead of giving up because you feel too warm. You can increase airflow in your home by turning on floor or ceiling fans so that your home feels slightly cooler than it really is.

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