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Why Do Business Owners Choose Rooftop AC Installation?


When it comes to providing effective heating and air conditioning to businesses and commercial properties throughout Chicagoland, the most popular option on the market is the packaged rooftop HVAC system. You’re familiar with these, even if you think you aren’t.

You can probably look up at any commercial space, including apartment buildings, and see modular units on top of the roof. Maybe you never noticed these were full-service HVAC systems, but they’re actually pretty popular for areas such as ours with a big population and lots of buildings.

Why are these such a popular choice? Read on to find out!

They Save Space

The reason that HVAC systems were originally installed on the top of buildings was because there simply wasn’t any other space available. Early commercial central heating and cooling systems were added onto structures in the middle of crowded downtown areas, much like downtown Chicago, where there was no space surrounding the structure for multiple, large, units to be placed.

When they are up on the roof instead, they aren’t taking up valuable real estate. Plus, they are less prone to suffering from damage or acts of vandalism.

They’re Highly Efficient

Modern rooftop HVAC systems are available in higher efficiency ratings (measured by SEER and AFUE) than even just a decade ago. This means you can count on your rooftop units working as efficiently and affordably as possible, as long as you have them installed and serviced by professionals with extensive commercial experience, like our team!

They’re Easy To Access

You might be wondering what we mean by this one—your roof isn’t easy to access, is it?

Don’t you worry, we don’t expect you or any one of your employees to go out on top of the roof. This wouldn’t be safe unless you’re a trained commercial HVAC professional. What we mean is that rooftop units are easy for us to access!

When you have rooftop units installed, our professionals do not have to work around your workspace to do our job, whether it’s installing, repairing, or maintaining your rooftop units. Additionally, the “packaged” part is convenient for you as well. Unlike traditional split-system AC systems and heat pumps, which have components in cabinets that are both inside and outside the building, all the components of a rooftop unit are up on the rooftop.

They Have Quiet Operation

There is no such thing as a completely silent air conditioner or heating system, unfortunately. But when you have a rooftop unit, particularly if you’re on a lower floor of your building, you never need to worry about dealing with the noise associated with these systems. All you’ll be able to hear is the whoosh of air coming through the vents, and maybe a very slight rattle of ductwork as the temperatures fluctuate when your HVAC system cycles on.

They Are Modular

We mentioned this briefly above, but if you look up at the roof of a typical commercial building, you’ll see multiple packaged rooftop units. These systems are designed to be modular so that they can grow as your property does or as business needs change. This is not possible with a conventional split-system air conditioner or furnace.

For expert Chicago, IL commercial HVAC service, look no further than Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning. Contact us today!

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