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Why Your Ductless System Needs Bi-Annual Maintenance

The weather is starting to heat up, and if you have a ductless system you’re probably going to start using it again pretty soon. Before you start relying on your ductless system to keep you cool on a daily basis, though, you should be sure to schedule maintenance for it. Yes, even if you scheduled professional maintenance for it just a few months ago. Read on to find out more about why you need bi-annual ductless maintenance.

Maintenance Benefits

First, let’s go over the benefits of preventive maintenance in general. The prevailing attitude among homeowners is to wait to call for ductless services until a problem presents itself. The issue with this is that most HVAC problems don’t present external symptoms until they’re pretty advanced. By the time you notice a problem with your ductless system, it likely will have already been damaged pretty substantially.

If you want to prevent as much damage to your system as possible, you should schedule preventive maintenance. This allows your technician to find and fix problems well before they develop far enough to threaten the system. You can save thousands of dollars over the life of the system by doing this.

Bi-Annual Maintenance

Normally, scheduling maintenance once a year is enough to protect an HVAC system from the majority of the issues it might face. Most systems, however, are only used for about a third of the year at most. Ductless systems offer both heating and cooling services, which means that they are placed under twice as much wear and tear as other systems. In order to counteract the increased wear and tear, you’re going to need to schedule maintenance for your ductless system twice as often. The rule about scheduling maintenance the season before use still stands, so you should schedule ductless maintenance every spring and fall.

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