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Will A Heat Pump Keep My Home Warm in Winter?


Heat pumps are very popular systems since they offer both heating and cooling all within a single unit. A heat pump eliminates the need for separate heating and air conditioning systems, ultimately saving you some space inside of your home. But heat pumps do have a potential downside for homeowners who live farther north like us.

A heat pump may not be able to work as efficiently on the coldest days of winter, and we’re going to explain why below. Keep reading to learn more about why your heat pump may suffer in performance when trying to meet your heating expectations and when to schedule heat pump repair in Evanston.

How a Heat Pump Operates

A heat pump is most comparable to a central air conditioner. It uses refrigerant to remove heat from the air and cool it down during the summer. Where a heat pump is different is that it has a reversing valve and several other components that allow the refrigerant to move in the opposite direction for heating. 

In the wintertime when you set your thermostat to heating mode, it triggers the reversing valve on your heat pump to activate so that heat is absorbed from outside and channeled into your home. That’s right, it doesn’t matter if it is cold outside, there is still some heat in the air that can be transferred into your home.

Heating Considerations

The potential downside to a heat pump is that the colder temperatures get, the less heat is in the air. This could mean that your heat pump may struggle to keep your home as warm as you would like. As a result, your heat pump may begin to work harder and stay on longer in an attempt to achieve your desired indoor temperature.

This can add a lot of strain to your heat pump, impacting how well it can operate and how long it will last. It may have a shorter-than-average lifespan from struggling to meet expectations that are simply unachievable, but don’t let this discourage you. 

Heat pumps are highly efficient, especially when it comes to providing heat. There are also cold-weather heat pumps designed to heat efficiently in cold weather. When you compare a heat pump to any other furnace or heater, it will use less energy to produce heat compared to your other options. Plus, heat pumps are safe since they do not have burners, heating elements, or open flames.

Your Options for Extra Heat

If you love your heat pump, but can’t suffer through the lack of heat on very cold days, you do have an option. We often install dual fuel systems that primarily operate as a heat pump with a small furnace added on for additional warmth. This additional furnace will make up the difference where your heat pump is lacking.

You can enjoy the energy efficiency of a heat pump while also having an extra boost of heat when you need it on the colder days of winter. An add-on furnace is not something that you have to turn on or off manually. It will kick in to heat your home when needed.

Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted resource for Chicagoland area home services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for heat pump service!

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