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Does Your Geothermal System Need Repair?

Many homeowners choose a geothermal HVAC system to heat and cool their home for its level of energy-efficiency and durability, which few other climate control systems can offer. Geothermal underground pipes are capable of enduring up to 50 years of use, and the steady temperature of the earth means that cooling and heating power remains stable no matter the temperature of the air outside.

Geothermal systems require much fewer repairs than other types of heating and cooling systems, particularly if you have your system maintained on a regular basis. However, just like any other system, a geothermal system is not indestructible. No matter how well taken care of your system is, it may still need repairs at some point or another. Keep reading to learn some of the signs to watch out for that your system may need repairs.


This is an extremely rare occurrence with geothermal systems. However if your loops are nearing 50-years old, then this could happen. These loops typically circulate water or a water/antifreeze mixture. This means that leaks can appear as wet spots on your lawn. If you notice these spots and a decline in your heating or cooling power, then you’ll want to contact our professionals right away to inspect the system.

Other Signs of Disrepair

Your geothermal system runs on heat pump technology, which means that many of the problems they can encounter are similar to the problems you could run into with any type of heat pump: a loss of cooling or heating power, ice developing along the indoor coils during cooling mode, a decline in airflow, and loud noises coming from the cabinet.

Some of these problems can happen due to damage to the loops, but the more likely culprit is a problem that originated inside the interior cabinet. Since geothermal systems are very specialized and require a professional touch, be sure to only contact licensed HVAC technicians to perform repairs, such as the members of our staff.

For quality geothermal system services in Highland Park, IL, contact Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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