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Would Your Home Benefit from a Boiler Installation?

Temperatures are already cooling down, which means you, hopefully, already had maintenance scheduled for your heating system, and found out it’s in great shape to get you through the rest of fall and all through winter without any trouble.

But we’re willing to place a bet that if you’re reading this blog post, it’s either because your heater broke down, or you have an aging system that’s well on its way to that final breakdown.

The good news is, when you do need a heater, we’re the team to turn to for installation and any follow-up services you need. But we don’t want you to rush into this purchase. If you’ve always had a furnace, you may be tempted to get another one, but this isn’t always the best option.

Have you ever considered a boiler installation? Here are some reasons your home might benefit from this:

You’ll Save Energy

Boilers typically cost more to install upfront than furnaces do. We understand how inconvenient this can be, but stick with us for a moment. Yes, the initial cost is more, but over time it costs less to run a boiler than it does a furnace system.

This is due to the fact that water is a more effective method for transferring heat than air is. Therefore, boilers can heat your home much more efficiently, saving you energy and subsequently money. This can result in hundreds of dollars in savings for you throughout the lifespan of your heating system!

Boilers Are Durable and Long Lasting

Due to the nature of how boilers work, they’re constructed with fewer moving parts than, say, furnaces or heat pump systems. Forced-air heaters have a number of motors, plus a blower fan, in order to function. The only major mechanical moving component in a boiler is the circulator pump.

This lower number of mechanical parts means that boilers go through less stress in order to function. You can expect a boiler to outlast most other types of heating systems—while heat pumps have a 10-15 year average lifespan, and furnaces typically have 15-20, boilers can last as long as three decades! Of course, this is only the case if they’re professionally installed and well cared for.

Boilers Require Less Maintenance and Repairs

Due to the low number of moving parts, boilers have another benefit—it takes less to keep them well-maintained, and they’ll also encounter fewer repair issues than other heating system types. As long as your boiler receives annual inspections and tune-ups, it should give you relatively trouble-free service throughout its lifespan.

Boilers Offer an Even Distribution of Heat

One of the issues that homeowners have with forced-air heating systems is that they tend to blow out heated air that simply collects at the top of the room. It can take a while for enough hot air to accumulate before it spreads out throughout your entire home. The radiant heat coming from a boiler system, however, moves evenly throughout the space.

To schedule your boiler installation in Wilmette, IL, contact Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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