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Is It Ever Too Late for a Furnace Tune-Up?


Is it ever too late for a furnace tune-up? The simple answer to this question is “no.” However, we’d say that it’s too late when your furnace breaks down and it’s time to buy a new one. But you won’t let it get to that point, right?

As most experts recommend (including us!), it’s best practice to have someone come out and perform preventive maintenance well before the cold season arrives. However, sometimes we forget but that doesn’t mean a late-season tune-up isn’t beneficial too. 

In this article, we’ll lay out the top 4 advantages of getting a furnace tune any time of year, every year.

4 Reasons Why You Need Annual Furnace Tune-Ups

Even if you don’t have it on a set schedule, it’s more about staying consistent with your maintenance service and doing it at least annually. Regular tune-ups offer the following benefits:

1) Greatly Reduce the Number of Future Repairs

A small issue today can be a giant headache next week. Regular maintenance will reduce the number of repairs your furnace needs in the future. We recommend having it done every 6 months, but once a year is enough to extend the life of your furnace by 85% versus not doing it.

By having a heating expert come to inspect your system, they can ensure any potential problems are caught early on and prevent a full machine breakdown– leaving you and your family in the cold.

2) Increase Furnace Efficiency and Decrease Energy Bill

With routine furnace maintenance, the tune-up process helps the furnace to preserve 95% of its efficiency. Without routine maintenance, you can expect your system to instead lose about 5% of its original efficiency each year.

It doesn’t matter what time of year, skipping out entirely on the tune-up can lead to the parts and system wearing out and losing efficiency over time. You will then see your energy bill rise and spend more on repairs/parts. 

3) Be Confident Your Furnace is Safe

Furnaces keep us warm and comfortable during the winter, but they can be dangerous. While not inherently so, without careful attention, gas heaters can potentially leak carbon monoxide, which can cause illnesses at the best, and even fatalities.

This is most likely to be a problem with an aging furnace (10-15 years) that hasn’t received regular care, but furnaces with defective parts, poor installation, or damage can be at risk for leaking out carbon monoxide, which is an odorless and colorless gas.

Having your furnace inspected and tuned up by an experienced technician from Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning can prevent the risk of carbon monoxide leaking and protect you and your family.

4) Your Furnace Lasts Longer

The average lifespan of a furnace is 15-25 years. However, the lack of routine maintenance can severely cut that number down to around 10 or less. Don’t let your furnace break down before it’s time.

Ready to get your tune-up? Need heating repair and installation services in Chicago and surrounding areas?

Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted resource for Chicago furnace repair. Contact us today!

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