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What Are the Best Ways to Prevent AC Repairs?

technician working on air conditionerTemperatures may not be trending too far upward just yet, but soon enough we’ll be ready to switch our thermostats in cooling mode. When that time comes, you might not notice anything wrong with your air conditioner, if something is amiss. However, if you skipped your maintenance session or if you’ve neglected air conditioning repair in Glenview, IL even though you knew it was necessary, it’s time to ask if you can rely on your system to get you through the whole summer.

Midsummer air conditioner repairs are a hassle for homeowners, with full breakdowns of course being an even bigger hassle. You’ll most likely have to stop what you’re doing if this happens to you, and potentially even cancel plans in order to call in a pro during one of the busiest times of the year for HVAC contractors. Chances are, you’d prevent that if you could. Lucky for you, you can prevent AC repairs!

Schedule Your Maintenance Appointment Today

For most parts of the country, it’s recommended that air conditioning maintenance be conducted in the springtime, before the system’s heaviest period of use. There’s no exception here—our summers may be comparatively short and relatively mild to other parts of the country, but the drastic change in temperature from winter to summer definitely has us needing reliable AC systems on a regular basis. And preventing AC repairs or breakdowns is actually pretty simply when you let the right professionals conduct maintenance.

Maintenance allows you to discover any small problems that may exist within the system, before they grow bigger, so you can tackle them right away. This helps your system last longer overall, just by our professionals conducting a few steps. These AC maintenance steps include:

  • A Thorough System Inspection: Our pros will take a close look at the inside and outside components of your air conditioning system, running tests to find if any components are wearing out and need repair (or replacement). We’ll alert you to the condition of your cooling system so you can schedule follow up repairs at your convenience, if needed.
  • A Comprehensive Cleaning: There are many components within your cooling system that need to be cleaned. Debris in the blower motor, for example, can cause it to jam up. More importantly, the AC outside unit contains a coil that collects a lot of debris and dirt over time, and cleaning this can help prevent operational problems.
  • Adjustments: Making small adjustments to components that need it can greatly improve the functionality of your cooling system, and help prevent minor problems from turning into something far bigger and more ominous.

As we mentioned above, the best time to get AC maintenance on your schedule is springtime. This biggest reason we recommend this is because technicians have better availability during this time, and less of a chance of being out on an emergency repair call, when you need to schedule a tune-up. Additionally, it’s a lot easier to go without air conditioning during a mild day versus the middle of summertime!

Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted resource for reliable cooling system services. Contact our team today!

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