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Problems with Radiant Heating That Require Professional Repairs

When it comes to receiving comfortable, even, and clean heating for your home, it’s hard to do better than a radiant heating system. Radiant heating can come in variety of forms, from simple radiators connected to boilers to advanced floor heating systems that run heated water through the floorboards or make use of electrical resistance heating from coils. Radiant heating is energy-saving, gives you an attractive room décor with no visual distractions, runs quietly, and requires few repairs.

However, repairs are always a possibility for any complex system, and radiant heating is no exception. You may occasionally encounter problems with your home’s radiant heater, and when this happens you should call the specialists at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning for heating repair in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas. We have a long history with heating in Chicagoland and keep up-to-date with all the latest in home comfort technology.

Some Radiant Heating Issues You May Encounter

  • Uneven heat: One of the advantages of radiant heating systems, especially floor heating, is the way they distribute heat upward in an even curtain. But if you notice that a room is developing cold spots, you may have broken water pipes (for hydronic systems) or busted heating elements (for electric systems) in parts of the room. Repair technicians will have to remove the flooring to access the pipes or electric elements in order to repair them.
  • Leaking: For hydronic systems, water leaking from the pipes or the boiler is always a possibility—although a remote one if the system was professionally installed. If you spot water coming from floorboards, or you see damp spots around the boiler, you need to call for repairs right away before additional damage occurs.
  • Strange noises: The quiet operation of radiant heating systems is one of their great benefits. And this also means that when strange sounds start to come from one, you will notice them right away. Noises such as rumbling, hissing, and humming can indicate blocked pipes, a water tank that is overheating, or loose electric wires. Any noise out of the ordinary usually means it’s time to call for professional repairs.

You can put your trust in Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning for whatever heating repair in Chicago, IL you need. We work on a variety of different heating systems, so when you need help with your radiant heating give us a call.

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