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The Importance of Sizing in Boiler Installation

Although the technology of home heating has advanced a great deal from the early days of coal-burning furnaces, a few things have never changed. For example, a boiler is still an excellent method to keep your home warm during even the harshest winter. In fact, boilers have never offered more advantages than they do today, since they help prevent a decline in indoor air quality because they use the clean power of radiant heating and do not require ductwork. A gas-powered boiler installation is an excellent investment in your family’s comfort through the winter, and any other chilly time of the year.

Boilers have a number of special considerations when it comes to installation, so you must leave the work to trained professionals. Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning has kept Chicagoland toasty warm since 1904, so we’ve done more professional boiler installation jobs than almost any other company you might hire. Put your trust in that kind of generational experience when you need boiler installation in Lincolnwood, IL and other parts of Chicagoland.

Sizing a Boiler

One of the reasons that professional boiler installation is essential is sizing. A boiler needs to be the right size to provide the amount of heat to your home necessary for your comfort. Boilers come in many sizes, from units that heat up a one-bedroom home to units designed to warm an entire building. Determining what size boiler will work for your home is more than a question of the how much space the boiler must heat. Professionals need to weigh a number of factors to measure how well your home traps heat and how much heat the people and appliances inside generate. The installers determine all this through a complex heat load calculation that combines all the relevant factors. After completing a heat load calculation, the professionals will know how powerful a boiler your home needs.

You might think that it’s safer to simply err on the side of a boiler that more powerful than necessary. It’s easy to understand why a boiler that’s too small is a problem—you won’t receive sufficient heat—but what’s wrong with one that’s too large? The truth is that an oversized boiler will be incredibly inefficient and waste large amounts of money to operate, all to deliver you a level of heating that’s uncomfortable. You do not want to guess when it comes to boiler sizing: there’s a right size for your home, delivering comfort and energy-savings, and it requires heating professionals to find it.

Sizing boilers has long been part of our job at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning. Call us today if you are ready for a boiler installation in Lincolnwood, IL this fall to prepare for winter. We will see you receive the best heating system possible.

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