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Should You Have a Steam Humidifier Installed?

When it comes to staying warm in the winter, you want to take every action you can to maximize the warmth in your home. There are a variety of ways to increase your heater’s efficiency to lower your energy costs and feel even more comfortable on the coldest days of the season.

Did you know that a steam humidifier can help your home feel even warmer? It also offers the added benefit of improving your health at the same time. Dry air naturally feels colder than warm air, even if the temperatures are the same. If you’re interested in having a steam humidifier installed in your home, keep reading to learn more about the benefits. 

Reliable Humidity

The thing about humidity is that the levels have to be just right for the moist air to be beneficial to your home and health. Too little humidity makes the air feel cooler than it is. Too much humidity can make the air feel heavy. But when you invest in a steam humidifier, you can choose humidity settings so that you have the perfect humidity levels every time. 

Clean Humidity

Some humidifiers create humidity without first cleaning the water and air. But a steam humidifier uses one of a few methods to clean the air in your home, which include:

  • Boiling
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Deonization 

Moisture tends to carry bacteria and germs easier, so it’s important to have clean steam. Without clean steam, the humidity in your home will just recirculate bacteria and viruses.

No Chemicals in Your Air

If you’re wondering how a steam humidifier works, chemicals may be a concern that you have. But a steam humidifier doesn’t transfer chemicals into your air. While there are some chemicals used to keep the system clean, they don’t ever reach the steam that enters your home. This is because boiler steam gets filtered through a series of high-quality stainless steel heat exchangers.

Low Energy Use

Another common concern about steam humidifiers is energy use. You don’t want to spend any more on your energy bill each month than you have to. Thankfully, steam humidifiers utilize the boiler steam as a source of power to create humidity. That’s right – the system basically powers itself. You shouldn’t notice a difference on your monthly energy bill following a steam humidifier installation.

Better Air Quality

We already touched on the fact that a steam humidifier cleans the air and water that pass through the system. This isn’t just a precaution to avoid adding additional contaminants to your home’s air. It actually doubles as a system that improves your indoor air quality. 

You’re also fortifying your health with this clean air. When you breathe in humidified air your sinuses don’t get dry. This can help you prevent illness and allergies even better than if the air were dry. Ideally, you want the humidity in your home to be between 40% and 60% for the best health outcomes. 

Protect Your Home

Other humidifiers don’t turn off once they reach a particular humidity level. You have to turn them off manually. This can leave you guessing what the optimal humidity level is based on how you feel. A steam humidifier measures the humidity in the air so that optimal levels are maintained around the clock. This is important because too much humidity can lead to a moisture buildup on surfaces around your home – including valuables that can get damaged by water. 

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