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What Actually Happens During AC Maintenance?

AC maintenance is a popular topic on our blog. We’ve told you why you need it and outlined the signs to watch for so you can stay ahead of AC repair. Having an expert tune-up your AC unit is an investment in the life of your system. But the bottom line is that maintenance costs money. And for this reason, many homeowners consider it a maybe instead of a must. 

But what actually happens during an AC maintenance appointment? If you are ready to schedule AC maintenance in Chicago, give us a call. In the meantime, you can read on to learn what our experts do at each AC maintenance appointment. Understanding what maintenance entails can help you feel confident in your financial investment in our services. 

The Expert Difference

There are a handful of things that you can do as a homeowner – changing your air filters regularly, checking your outside unit to clear out debris, and programming your thermostat thoughtfully. But other than that, it’s really up to the pros. Installing an AC unit requires someone with special certifications who understands how the unit works. 

Maintenance is no different. When it comes to cleaning the inside of your unit, adjusting components, and fixing repairs, you want those same certified professionals doing the work. But how does our team of experts approach an AC maintenance job? Here are a few things they do to make sure every component gets equal attention:

  • We inspect your evaporator coils inside and your condenser coils outside. We look for obstructions and make sure they’re clean. 
  • We measure your unit’s refrigerant level. Losing refrigerant too quickly tells us that there is a leak somewhere, and our next step is to find and repair it. After a refrigerant leak, we also recharge your refrigerant so it’s full. 
  • We look at all of the electrical connections to make sure they are secure. We tighten or adjust any area that needs attention. 
  • We empty and clean the condensate pan and drain to prevent the risk of overflow where your evaporator coils release moisture.
  • We clean your fans and compressor motor and then lubricate them so they can run smoothly. Otherwise, over time they take on mechanical stress that makes your motor burn out faster than it should. 
  • We assess whether your thermostat is reading temperatures correctly. If not, we recalibrate the system for a consistently precise reading. 
  • We also check for signs of good homeowner maintenance. If your filter needs to be changed, we will gladly do it while we are there. Our team may even offer tips for improving your unit’s efficiency based on what we see during our inspection.

If you want an AC unit to last for years to come, regular maintenance is crucial. Add it to your list for the end of summer or the beginning of Spring every year and reap the benefits of an AC unit that is always in peak condition. 

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